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TripleEnable Application allows you to control your Identity and your Security. Discover a new era of online interaction where privacy and security are your top priorities.

How TripleEnable™ Works

Secure your networks and personal assets using our security zones.

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This ecosystem has its own policies and rules that govern the behavior of the entities and mechanisms that exist to navigate the ecosystem.


Anonymous Zone

Protected Anonymity: Enjoy the freedom to interact anonymously on the blockchain network. Total control over your privacy.


Verified Zone

Trusted Verification: Get exclusive benefits by verifying your identity. Access premium opportunities and services with confidence.


Secure Zone

Store your data securely in our protected zone. Your information is encrypted and backed by state-of-the-art blockchain technology.

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Use your phone to detect unusual activity on your account or if you are accidentally locked out of your account.

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TripleEnabler is a digital identity wallet that allows users to TripleEnable™ their digital assets, such as domains, credit cards, emails, phone numbers, and social media accounts, by securely registering and managing them. It operates across three distinct zones – Anonymous, Secure, and Verified – each offering different levels of interaction and security.

TripleEnabler uses advanced encryption and blockchain technology to TripleEnableassets by ensuring their security and integrity. Our platform is designed to provide a secure environment for managing your digital identity, with each zone tailored to different security needs.
Absolutely. TripleEnable™ is designed to cater to both individuals and businesses, offering flexible solutions for managing digital assets and identities in a secure and efficient manner.
At TripleEnable™, we prioritize the integrity of identity data. To ensure accuracy, we implement robust identity validation processes tailored to each of our three zones – Anonymous, Secure, and Verified. This includes thorough document verification and advanced biometric checks. Additionally, we utilize top-tier data validation services to cross-verify user information against authoritative sources, ensuring that the identities managed within our system are authentic and reliable. This comprehensive approach guarantees that the digital assets and interactions within TripleEnable™ are based on verified and secure identities.
In TripleEnable™, biometric authentication plays a crucial role in reinforcing the security of identity verification, especially in our Secure and Verified Zones. We recognize that while biometrics offer robust authentication due to their uniqueness, they are most effective when used in conjunction with other security factors. To enhance the overall security, we employ advanced biometric methods equipped with anti-spoofing measures. This approach ensures that our biometric authentication is not only strong but also resilient against potential fraudulent attempts, providing our users with a secure and reliable identity verification process.
In TripleEnable™, the security of interactions within our Anonymous, Secure, and Verified Zones is paramount, and this is where the private and public key exchange plays a crucial role. When a user interacts within any of these zones, a unique pair of cryptographic keys is used. The public key is shared openly in the blockchain network to encrypt messages, while the private key is kept secret by the user to decrypt received information. This mechanism ensures that all communications and transactions within the zones are securely encrypted and can only be accessed by the intended parties. Our blockchain infrastructure leverages this key exchange system to maintain confidentiality, integrity, and authenticity of all user interactions, providing a robust layer of security across all zones.

Getting started is easy. Simply visit our website, sign up for an account, and begin registering your digital assets in the zone that best fits your needs.